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COVID-19 Information

GAPPS Resources about COVID-19

Below you will find resources relevant to reopening plans from GAPPS/CDC/ and Others. Please review these documents. Any changed documents will be marked by a date. 

Schools looking for games due to drops from COVID-19 - Click Here
send any information to be posted to

GAPPS Covid-19 Return to Play Guidelines (2/3/2021) - Click Here

GAPPS COVID-19 Return to Play General Information  (11/19/2020) - Click here

DPH - Return to School or Childcare Guidance after Covid-19 Illness or Exposure (updated 1/19/2021) - Click Here

GAPPS COVID-19 Monitoring Form - Click Here

NFHS COVID-19 Coaches Test - Click Here

NFHS COVID-19 Team Captains Test - Click Here

WILSON - How to Clean Leather and Composite Game Balls - Click Here

More Resources for on the GA DOE, CDC, and NFHS Websites

We need the following information as soon as an infection occurs, please email information to 
1) Date of Occurrence
2) Sport that case happened in (EX: Volleyball or Cross Country)
3) Level of Sport (Varsity or Middle School)
4) Was it a confirmed case or a "Screened Out" case (turned away from a workout / game or practice due to symptoms of COVID-19)
5) Gender
6) Was it an Athlete or Coach? 
7) Actions taken by the school? 



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Football - Click Here

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Fall Softball - Click Here - UPDATED 8/14/2020

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Cross Country - Click here - UPDATED 8/10/2020

Georgia Department of Education Website

CDC Website

National Federation of High School Sports Website