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The purpose for starting GAPPS is to promote high school and middle school athletics for students in Christian Schools, Independent Schools, as well as giving opportunities for athletic competition to those athletes who may receive a non-traditional education. Although GAPPS will promote and encourage Christian values, the league will not have any direct affiliation with a particular school, church or any other organization. This will eliminate any conflict of interest problems. All divisions will have the schools and organizations within the division following the same rules. This will level the playing field to ensure that each school or organization will have the same opportunities to reach their highest potential. Nothing will be left vague or subject to interpretation by a third party.

The Goal of GAPPS

The goal of GAPPS is to create an environment where high school and middle school students can compete at their levels yet still be encouraged to grow in their faith. GAPPS understands that its member schools, although they will be competing against each other, are all part of the same team (God’s team). GAPPS desires to unite Christ-Centered schools, Independent Schools and Learning Centers who wish to impact and influence their students through athletics. GAPPS member schools will work together to create a competitive athletic environment that honors God at all levels. GAPPS and its members schools should strive to set a Godly example of excellence for other leagues to follow.

GAPPS Core Faith Statements

The primary goal of school arts & academic competition should be to teach life lessons and life skills that will equip and prepare our young men and women for the world beyond high school. Winning is important, but it is not the most important thing. Bringing honor and glory to God in how we compete is more important than winning.

“It is possible to win a game... yet lose our ability to shine light into a dark world.”

Do Your Best - Give Your Best

Every school, fine arts director and participant should strive to do their very best because God is honored when we give our best to Him. Fine arts directors and participants should understand that, because of their position, they carry a great deal of influence and should act accordingly. Directors and teachers hold an enormous amount of influence over their students.

Competition can be and should be conducted in such a way that brings honor and glory to God and draws people to Him.

Respect - Win or Lose

If competition is done properly, win or lose — it will promote mutual respect and encouragement from schools and participants. If competition divides us and produces discord and strife, then it ceases to be God-honoring.

Schools and participants should have the opportunity to compete in a safe and Godly environment without unnecessary distractions.