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About Fine Arts & Academics

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Fine Arts and Academics Full Manual: PDF

Purpose of GAPPS Fine Arts and Academics

GAPPS Arts and Academics is here to serve our member schools and to help provide a place to get EVERY student in your school involved.  

Our primary goal of arts and academic competition is to teach young men and women to express their many creative and academic talents in ways that bring glory and honor to God.

Winning is important, but it is not the most important thing.

"It is possible to win a game... yet lose our ability to shine light into a dark world." (anonymous)


Fall Events: 

  • MS Academic Day (6th – 8th)
    *(Math, History, Geo, and Spelling)
  • One-Act Play (7th- 12th )
  • Chorus Competition (MS and HS)
  • Math Bowl (7th-12th)
  • History Bowl (7th – 12th)
  • Robotics (MS and HS) Permanently moved to the fall schedule

Winter Events: 

  • Elementary Academic Day (1st - 5th)
    * (Spelling, Math, Quiz Bowl, and Science Fair)
  • Science Fair (MS)
  • Quiz Bowl (MS and HS)
  • Chess (ES, MS, HS)

Spring Events: 

  • Literary (7th – 12th)
  • Honors Chorus  (7th – 12th) *Not formally set for 2020-21 
  • Instrumental (MS and HS) *Not formally set for 2020-21
  • Speech & Lincoln-Douglas Debate *Not formally set for 2020-21 
  • Visual Arts (ES, MS, HS)


General Information for Fine Arts and Academics Directors

Fine Arts Director Basic Login instructions: PDF

Website Instructions and Video Tutorials:

AES Form





Sponsors and General Resources:


JHC brings people and communities together through the Arts!  We coach aspiring Creatives and support organizations to better serve those Creatives passionate about mastering artistic excellence in the Performing, Fine, Visual and Media Arts.  
Over 20 years, we have worked with churches, schools, ministries, theaters, and organizations to create, perform, direct and produce quality, original custom works, live events, and experiential programs infused with rich family values, faith, and historical culture. 
Our mission is to inspire, heal, and transform through Christ-honoring works.   
For more information about our custom workshops, classes, educational plays or other resources, click here 


Georgia playwright Marlene Dickinson is developing faith-based, Broadway-style, one-act musicals targeted to Middle School and upper Elementary students. Choirs may also sing the songs without producing the play.  

About the shows:
*Director friendly - easy and inexpensive to produce
*Flexible - easily adjusted to meet your space, numbers, genders, skills, rehearsal and production time, etc.
*Maximize student opportunity - Directors can find something special for every student to do.
*Showcase curriculum - You can incorporate a curriculum review to showcase core classes, etc.
*Meet a number of teaching standards 
Brief Overview:
Full Shows and Contact Form:

For more info, please use the contact form on the website above.

Arts & Academic Mini-Clinics


Below are various PowerPoints with the basic information for each listed event. These will also be under the Rules and Resources Tab on each individual Event page.

PPT for all GAPPS Fine Arts and Academics

PPT: ES Academic Day

PPT: MS Academic Day

PPT: Chess

PPT: Chorus

PPT: History Bowl

PPT: Literary

PPT: Math Bowl

PPT: One-Act

PPT: Quiz Bowl

PPT: Robotics

PPT: Science Fair

PPT: Visual Arts


Arts & Academic Fees and Forms 

Fine Arts and Academics Calendar: PDF


2020-21 Fees for Fine Arts and Academics:  PDF

Package A

  • $3000 upfront (or) $3300 in 3 payments over the academic year
    • Includes every Fine Arts and Academics event except Honors groups
    • Includes participation for as many teams as desired in events that allow multiple teams

***If you paid to participate in Robotics for 2019-20, then that payment is completed and this package will not be the right fit for your school this year.
***If you are adding Robotics for 2020-21, then this package will cover that

Package B 

  • $2500 upfront (or) $2750 in 3 payments
    • Includes every Fine Arts and Academics event except Robotics, Instrumental, and Honors groups
    • Includes participation for one (1) team for each included event

Package C 

  • $1250 upfront (or) $1375 in 3 payments
    • Includes every Academics event except Robotics
    • Includes participation for one (1) team in each included event

To receive package pricing, all events MUST be signed up and paid for in the fall billing cycle! (Billing will go out Sept. 15, 2020. Last day to drop fall events without penalty will be Sept. 30, 2020.) 

A la carte

Prices below include one (1) group or team. Additional teams (where allowed) are charged at $100 each unless otherwise stated. Events marked * are not included with any of the above packages.


  • Academic Days: $400 (MS)
                             $200 (ES)
  • Chess: $100 per team of 4
  • History Bowl (HS): $250
  • Math Bowl (HS): $250
  • Quiz Bowl: $250 (HS), $150 (MS)
  • Robotics: $350 (includes 4 teams); $150 (new schools only, includes 2 teams)
  • Middle School Science Fair: $150


Fine Arts

  • Chorus: $250 
  • Honors Chorus*: $25 per student
  • Instrumental: $250 
  • Honors Band*: TBD (not this year)
  • One-Act: $500
  • Spring Literary: $700
  • Visual Arts: $250


Arts & Academic Contact & Sign Up

Fall 2020 Sign Up Form

School Fine Arts & Academics Contact Form

For more information Contact the GAPPS Fine Arts and Academics Director:
Nancy Long