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2019-20 School Year Participation Fees

Per Season Fees

High School Sports
One Sport$475
Two Sports$775
Three Sports$1150
Four Sports$1375
Five or More$1600
Middle School/Jr League
MS Sports$150 per Sport
(No Cap) ($175 per Sport if no Varsity Sports)
Jr. Pro Football$150
Fine Arts/Academics
One Act Play$500
Spring Literary$700
(First year in program - $150)
(Includes 2 HS teams & 2 MS teams) - more upon request as slots allow
($150 each additional group)
Visual Arts$250 HS, MS, Elementary
$150 MS &/or Elem only
Instrumental Music$250 per group
Chess$100 first team of 4 players
($50 for each additional team)
High School Bowl Series
(Quiz Bowl, History Bowl, Math Bowl)
$250 each Bowl
$100 for each additional HS team in Bowl events
Science Fair$150 (introductory price for 2 MS and 2 Elementary
Arts & Academics Packages
Package A$3000 up front or $3300 in 3 payments over the year (includes every Fine Arts & Academic Event... as many teams as you want in events that allow multiple teams.... does not include Honors groups.
Package B$2500 up front or $2750 in 3 payments over the year (includes 1 team in every Fine Arts & Academic event except Robotics, Instrumental and Honors)
Package C$1250 up front or $1375 in 3 Payments over the year (1 team in every Academics event expect Robotics)
Middle School Academic Series:
(Quiz Bowl, History Bowl, Math Bowl, Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Chess)
$150 each for 1 team/
$100 each additional team in Bowl events
$500 for all six if signed up in Fall
Elementary Academic Series
(Quiz Bowl, Math Bee, Spelling Bee)
$150 (introductory price) for the whole day.
To receive package pricing all events MUST be signed up and paid for in the fall billing cycle!

Additional Fees

Region Dues (DI, DII)$150
Coaches Association$35 per Sport - Varsity
$20 per Sport - Middle School
Catastrophic Insurance$7.25 per student