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High School Academic Day

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High School Math & History Bowl

State Championship:
(AA) Nov. 16, 2020
(A) Nov. 17, 2020

Location: Grace Fellowship
(1971 S. Main St., Greensboro, GA)


High School Math & History Bowls are held on one (1) day as a State Championship.
Starting in 2020, the schools are divided by size and will compete in separate competitions on separate days. A school may compete up in size, but not down. 

Approximate Schedule 2020

Note: We will start on time! Any school that is late may be subject to forfeiting a match or round. 

8:30 am: Welcome & Instructions
9 am-Noon: Math (Worship Center)
9 am-Noon: History Rounds (1-?)*

Lunch Break

1:00 pm: History Semifinals
1:00 pm: Math Individual Buzzer Round (Worship Center)

1:30 pm: Awards for Math
1:35 pm: History Finals (Worship Center)

2 pm: Awards for History

*History Rounds may take longer depending on the number of teams.