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21-22 Speech High School

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State Championship

March 22, 2022

Grace Fellowship
(1971 S. Main St., Greensboro, GA) 


Informative, Persuasive, & Sermon: 

  • Informative Definition: A speech that intends to educate the audience on a particular topic. The goal is to help the audience understand a subject of the speaker’s choice better and to remember what they learned later. 
  • Persuasive Definition: A speech that influences the audience to consider a particular point of view or course of action. The goal is to convince the audience to accept the speaker’s point of view on a subject of the speaker’s choosing. 
  • Expository Sermon Definition: An expository sermon is based on a Scripture passage. The message is grounded in the text so that all of the sermon’s points are directly from the text and it focuses on the text's main idea(s). 




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Persuasive Speech: Georgia Christian School



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