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2021 Speech & Debate High School

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Speech & Lincoln-Douglas Debate


Postponed Indefinitely


Along with the LD Debate, we offer 2 other speech events (Persuasive & Informative) to the day. Please email if you are interested in this event in the future. 


The 2020-21 Lincoln-Douglas Value Resolution:

In democratic elections, the public’s right to know ought to be valued above a candidate’s right to privacy.



“In NCFCA, Lincoln-Douglas debate resolutions are constructed to create a clash of competing values rather than the adoption of a specific policy.”


The format of the round is as follows:

• Affirmative Constructive- 6 minutes
• Cross-Examination- 3 minutes
• Negative Constructive- 7 minutes
• Cross-Examination- 3 minutes
• First Affirmative Rebuttal- 4 minutes
• Negative Rebuttal- 6 minutes
• Second Affirmative Rebuttal- 3 minutes

Prep time: Each debater is allowed 5 minutes of preparation time, which they may use at
their discretion




Rules (both Speech and LD Debate): PDF

Persuasive Speech

Informative Speech


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Persuasive Speech: Georgia Christian School



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