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24-25 History Bowl - HS High School

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History Bowl

State Championship:
(AA) Nov. 13, 2023
(A) Nov. 14, 2023

Location: Turning Point at Mabel White Church in Macon
(1415 Bass Road, Macon, GA 31210)

(No Region events)

Roster Due: 10/31/23

High School History Bowl is held on one (1) day as a State Championship. The schools are divided by size and will compete in separate competitions on separate days. A school may compete up in size, but not down. 
(Middle School History Bowl is part of the Middle School Academic Day with regions all over Georgia. The Middle School Championship will be held on a separate date.)

Approximate Schedule for the HS History Bowl 

Note: We will start on time! Any school that is late may be subject to forfeiting a match or round. 


9:15 am: Welcome

9:30-12: Math Competiton

10-12:30 History Competition

*History Rounds may take longer depending on the number of teams.





Rules: PDF

PPT: History Bowl Mini Clinic

Score Sheet: Blank       Sample filled out

Practice Resources:


  • Need Officiator 10 player system
  • Sets start at $265

Fall Conference August 2021 Videos
(Videos of the judges' presentation from the Fall Conference)


Participating Schools



Class A: Harvester Christian Academy

Class AA: Creekside Christian Academy


Class A: Georgia Christian School

Class AA: Johnson Ferry Christian Academy


Class A: Georgia Christian School

Class AA: Creekside Christian Academy


Oak Mountain Academy

2018 (GICAA)

Oak Mountain Academy

2017 (GICAA)

Horizon Christian Academy

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