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22-23 History Bowl - MS Middle School

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History Bowl (MS)

November 3, 2022

Location: Grace Fellowship
(1971 S. Main St., Greensboro, GA)

Roster Due: 10/6/22

Region Events: 10/11/22 - 10/28/22

Killian Hill Christian School-Lilburn: Oct. 11

The King's Academy- Woodstock: Oct. 13

First Academy-Douglas: Oct. 18

Grace Fellowship-Greensboro: Oct. 20

LaGrange: Oct. 25

Middle School History Bowl is part of the Middle School Academic Day with regions all over Georgia. The Middle School Championship will be held on Thursday, Nov.3 @ Grace Fellowship (1971 S. Main St., Greensboro, GA)


History Bowl (Team event for up to 5 students at a time) 

  • Round Robin (each team plays each team in the region minimum 3 rounds) 
  • Each round has 3 periods (check the manual for details)
  • Allow 30 minutes per round
  • Awards are given after the last round of Quiz Bowl
  • Winning team advances to State

Approximate Schedule:
(of the whole day)

*Note: Times are approximate, regions may vary 

Morning: 9-12ish (History and Math will run concurrently)

Lunch Break (time will be determined by the Host School)

Afternoon: 12ish-3 (Math Bee & Spelling Bee will run concurrently)

Buzzers: (Sets start at $250)

Middle School History Questions 2017 (Click here)

Other Study Questions


Rules: PDF

PPT: MS Academic Day Mini-Clinic

Fall Conference August 2021 Videos
(Videos of the judges' presentation from the Fall Conference)

Score Sheet:   Blank       Sample filled out

Practice Resources:


  • Need an Officiator 10 Player set
  • Sets start at $265



Participating Schools

1-Oct. 13: Woodstock

  • Creekside Christian Academy
  • Harvester Christian Academy
  • Horizon Christian Academy
  • The King's Academy

2-Oct. 11: Lilburn

  • Community Christian School
  • Covenant Christian School - Panama City,Fl.
  • Hills Academy
  • Killian Hill Christian School
  • Young Americans Christian School

3-Oct. 20: Greensboro

  • Covington Academy
  • Johnson Ferry Christian Academy
  • Peachtree Academy
  • St. Paul Lutheran School
  • Westminster Christian Academy

4-Oct. 25: LaGrange

  • Calvary Christian School
  • Central Christian School
  • Lafayette Christian School
  • Sherwood Christian Academy
  • Trinity Christian School-Sharpsburg
  • Unity Christian School

5-Oct. 18: Douglas

  • First Academy
  • Heritage Christian Academy
  • The Habersham School



Westminister Christian Academy


Westminster Christian Academy


Central Christian School

2018 (GICAA)

Creekside Christian Academy

2017 (GICAA)

Creekside Christian Academy



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