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2020 History Bowl-MS

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History Bowl (MS)

October 23, 2020

Location: Mikado Baptist Church
6751 Houston Rd
Macon, GA

Middle School History Bowl is part of the Middle School Academic Day with regions all over Georgia. The Middle School Championship will be held on Friday, Oct. 23 @ Mikado Baptist Church, 6751 Houston Rd, Macon, GA

History Bowl (Team event for up to 5 students at a time) 

  • Round Robin (each team plays each team in the region minimum 3 rounds) 
  • Each round has 3 periods (check the manual for details)
  • Allow 30 minutes per round
  • Awards are given after the last round of Quiz Bowl
  • Winning team advances to State

Approximate Schedule:
(of the whole day)

*Note: Times are approximate, regions may vary 

Morning: 9-12ish (History and Math will run concurrently)

Lunch Break (time will be determined by the Host School)

Afternoon: 12ish-3 (Math Bee & Spelling Bee will run concurrently)

Buzzers: (Sets start at $250)

Middle School History Questions 2017 (Click here)

Other Study Questions


Rules: PDF

PPT: MS Academic Day Mini-Clinic

Score Sheet: PDF

Practice Resources:


  • Need an Officiator 10 Player set
  • Sets start at $265



Participating Schools

1-TKA Woodstock Oct. 15

  • Harvester Christian Academy
  • The King's Academy
  • Unity Christian School

2-KHCS Lilburn Oct. 19

  • Central Christian School
  • Community Christian School
  • Killian Hill Christian School
  • Lafayette Christian School
  • Peachtree Academy
  • Thrive Christian Academy

3-Athens Oct. 16

  • Creekside Christian Academy
  • Nathanael Greene Academy
  • Westminster Christian Academy

4-TCS Statesboro Oct. 8

  • First Academy
  • The Habersham School
  • Trinity Christian School-Statesboro

5-Valdosta Oct. 9

  • Citizens Christian Academy
  • Georgia Christian School
  • Vidalia Heritage Academy



Westminster Christian Academy


Central Christian School

2018 (GICAA)

Creekside Christian Academy

2017 (GICAA)

Creekside Christian Academy



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