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21-22 Math Bee - Elementary

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Elementary School Math Bee

(This event will take place during Region Elementary Academic Day)


Basic Format: 

  • Individual and team event for grades 3-5 consisting of two (2) rounds.
    • Each student will take the same individual quiz. Students will have 30 minutes to complete the quiz. This must be done individually with no communication between students and coaches at all. 
    • The individual quiz will be a combination of computational and reasoning questions.
    • A perfect quiz will earn 100 points. The average of the top three (3) scores from each team will count in the overall score. 
    • The 4-student team will be given 16 problems to solve. They will have 30 minutes in which to solve the quiz. The team may work together or separately to solve the problems, but only one (1) answer sheet per team will be turned in. 
    • The team quiz will consist mainly of reasoning questions. Complex computation may also be included.
    • All answers will be turned in on an “Answer Sheet” with the team’s name clearly written on it. All work must be stapled to the back of the answer sheet. 
    • Correct answers will earn seven (7) points for a total of 112 points. No partial credit will be given. 
    • Round 1: Individual Quiz 
    • Round 2: Team Quiz 
  • A school may send four (4) students from each grade (3rd, 4th, & 5th).
  • A trophy will be given to the highest-scoring team and medals will be given to the highest-scoring individual student per grade. 

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