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2021 Quiz Bowl - ES

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Elementary School Quiz Bowl

(This event will take place during Region Elementary Academic Day)


Basic Format: 

    • There will be 12 toss-up questions per round, plus a two-part bonus question for each correctly answered toss-up. 
    • Competitions will be set up as round robins unless otherwise stated.
    • Each round will generally last 20 minutes.

  • Points: Both toss-up and bonus questions are worth 10 points apiece.


Rules: PDF

PPT: ES Academic Day Mini-Clinic

Score Sheet: PDF

Bracket Templates for Meets

2 Team Round Robin
3 Team Round Robin
4 Team Round Robin
5 Team Round Robin
6 Team Round Robin
7 Team Round Robin
8 Team Round Robin


  • Sets start at $265.

Practice questions (free): 

  • These will be a great help as you prepare your students for competition.

Study Material: 

  • This study material is designed especially for Quiz Bowl competitions.

Quiz Bowl Resources:

Patrick’s Press:

Quiz Bowl 2019 questions

Participating Schools

Feb 18 -Woodstock

  • Harvester Christian Academy
  • Horizon Christian Academy
  • Johnson Ferry Christian Academy
  • Lafayette Christian School

Feb 22 - Greensboro

  • John Hancock Academy
  • Skipstone Academy
  • Thrive Christian Academy
  • Westminster Christian Academy

Feb. 8 - Brunswick

  • Citizens Christian Academy
  • Heritage Christian Academy



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