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22-23 Spelling Bee - Elementary Elementary

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Elementary School Quiz Bowl

(This event will take place during Region Elementary Academic Day)

Roster Due 1 week before your Region Event

Region Events: 2/9/23 - 3/17/23

Basic Format: 

Elementary Academic Day will include 5 spelling Bees: 1 for each grade (1st – 5th)

General Information

Elementary School Spelling Bee:

  • Individual event for grades 1st-5th
  • A school may send 2 students for each grade 
  • An oral spelling bee for grades 1-3; written for grades 4 & 5* NEW using grade-appropriate words and the rules listed in this manual under Spelling Bee. Lists and rules will be up on the GAPPS website no later than Sept. 1 of the current school year.
    Note: GAPPS will use this list for the first 2 rounds, then reserves the right to go off-list (will start off list words at the beginning of a round)

This Bee is currently not under Scripps, but the same rules will apply. If your school plans to advance to Scripps-Howard, you must register with Scripps individually.


Rules: PDF

PPT: ES Academic Day Mini-Clinic

Fall Conference August 2021 Videos
(Videos of the judges' presentation from the Fall Conference)

2022-23 Spelling Bee Practice Lists: 
*Note: GAPPS will use this list for the first 2 rounds, then reserves the right to go off-list.

5th Grade

4th Grade

3rd Grade

2nd Grade

1st Grade


Participating Schools

1-TKA: Feb. 16

  • Harvester Christian Academy
  • Horizon Christian Academy
  • Johnson Ferry Christian Academy
  • St. Paul Lutheran School
  • The King's Academy

2-Greensboro: Feb. 23

  • Covington Academy
  • Peachtree Academy
  • Westminster Christian Academy
  • Young Americans Christian School

3-LaGrange: Feb 27

  • Calvary Christian School
  • Central Christian School
  • Colquitt Christian Academy
  • Community Christian School
  • Lafayette Christian School
  • Skipstone Academy

4-Brunswick: Mar. 1

  • David Emanual Academy
  • First Academy
  • Heritage Christian Academy
  • Vidalia Heritage Academy

5-Unity: Mar 7

  • Cumberland Christian
  • Unity Christian School



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