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24-25 Chorus - MS Middle School

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Festival and Competition

State Championship: Nov. 16, 2023
Location: Mulberry Street United Methodist Church
719 Mulberry Street, Macon, GA 31202


Roster Due Date: 11/2/23

No region events)

Confirm participation and Groups: Google Form

Judge Bios:[COMING SOON]

  • Categories:
    • Middle School: Small Ensemble, Large Ensemble
    • High School: Small Ensemble, Large Ensemble

  • Participant Numbers:
    • Small Choral Group- Minimum of 6, maximum of 16
    • Large Choral Group- 17 participants and above

  • Selections should be two contrasting pieces, one sacred and one standard repertoire. For examples of pieces, please refer to the ACDA and GMEA websites.

Rules: PDF

PPT: Chorus Mini Clinic

Fall Conference August 2021 Videos
(Videos of the judges' presentation from the Fall Conference)

Music Selection Form

Adjudication Form





Festival Ratings 

Superior: 90-100
Excellent: 75-89
Good: 60-74
Fair: 40-59
Poor: 25-39


Participating Schools



MS Large Ensemble: Rock Springs Christian Academy


Virtual Festival


MS Large Ensemble: Covenant Academy

MS Small Ensemble: Calvary Christian School

2018 (GICAA)

MS Large Ensemble: Lafayette Christian School

MS Small Ensemble: Community Christian School

2017 (Fall) (GICAA)

MS Large Ensemble: Community Christian School

MS Small Ensemble: Community Christian School

2017 (Winter) (GICAA)

MS Large Ensemble: Creekside Christian Academy

MS Small Ensemble: Community Christian School

2016 (GICAA)

MS Large Ensemble:  

MS Small Ensemble: 

2015 (GICAA)

MS Large Ensemble: Unity Christian School

MS Small Ensemble: Central Fellowship Christian Academy

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