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One Act Play High School

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One-Act Play

State Championship: Nov. 8, 2023 (A) and Nov. 9, 2023 (AA)

Gordon-State College
419 College Drive, Barnesville, GA 30204


Region Dates: Oct. 20-Nov. 3

Roster Due: Oct. 6, 2023

Region Dates/ Locations:

  • AA Regions:
    • October 20: Rylander Theater, Americus, GA - Information Page
    • November 2: Gordon-State College, Barnsville, GA - Information coming

  • A Regions:
    • October 30: Shorter University, Rome, GA
    • November 3: Southeastern Tech, Vidalia, GA


State T-Shirt Pre-order

The Plaza Arts Center (Spec Folder)

  • 7th-12th grade students are allowed to compete.
  • Schools will be divided by 7th-12th enrollment numbers for Division-A (smaller) & Division-AA (larger).
  • A schedule for unloading will be provided by the GAPPS League Office prior to the State competition.

GAPPS Standards: (A league official or their appointee can disqualify a play for a violation)

Recognizing that all we do should honor God, special care should be taken in all selections for content, language, characters, costumes, and gestures. Penalties may be incurred for violations at the discretion of the judges and GAPPS officials.

Specific areas of concern: 


  • No graphic or lewd gestures towards other actors and/or the audience. 
  • No profanity should be used at all during ANY performance. 
  • No vulgar humor ever, and  please watch/minimize “low humor”
  • Please be especially vigilant for dialogue that takes the Lord’s name in vain by using it in a flippant or exclamatory manner (ex. “Oh my God!”, “OMG!”). If such wording exists in the script you are using, please replace it with a more appropriate substitute. Directors, if you have scenes involving non-scripted/improvised reactions from performers, please work with them in your practices to make sure they are not using this type of language in their reactions. Any instances in a performance will, at minimum, result in a warning at the Region level and a penalty at the State level.


Please complete the cast list form and bring it with you to your Region competition.


Rules: PDF

PPT: One-Act Play Mini Clinic

Fall Conference August 2021 Videos
(Videos of the judges' presentation from the Fall Conference)

Score Sheet

Cast List Form

2023 State Order of Performance (coming soon)

Plaza Arts Center Specs

Winning plays from previous years

Good Resources for Play Selections


Sponsors & Resources:

JHC brings people and communities together through the Arts!  We coach aspiring Creatives and support organizations to better serve those Creatives passionate about mastering artistic excellence in the Performing, Fine, Visual and Media Arts.  
Over 20 years, we have worked with churches, schools, ministries, theaters and organizations to create, perform, direct and produce quality, original custom works, live events and experiential programs infused with rich family valuesfaith and historical culture
Our mission is to inspire, heal and transform through Christ-honoring works.   

For more information about our custom workshops, classes, educational plays or other resources, click here 


Georgia playwright Marlene Dickinson is developing faith-based, Broadway style, one-act musicals targeted to Middle School and upper Elementary students.  Choirs may also sing the songs without producing the play.  

About the shows:
*Director friendly - easy and inexpensive to produce
*Flexible - easily adjusted to meet your space, numbers, genders, skills, rehearsal and production time, etc.
*Maximize student opportunity - Directors can find something special for every student to do.
*Showcase curriculum - You can incorporate a curriculum review to showcase core classes, etc.
*Meet a number of teaching standards 
Brief Overview:
Full Shows and Contact Form:

For more info, please use contact form on website above.


Participating Schools


1A-Oct. 30: Rome/ Shorter

  • Central Christian School
  • Covington Academy
  • Horizon Christian Academy
  • Learnwell Collective
  • Monroe County Day School
  • Skipstone Academy
  • Unity Christian School

2A-Nov. 3: Vidalia/ Southeastern Tech

  • First Academy
  • Heritage Christian Academy
  • Nathanael Greene Academy
  • Peachtree Academy
  • Trinity Christian School-Griffin
  • Vidalia Heritage Academy


1AA-Oct. 20: Americus/ Rylander Theater

  • Calvary Christian School
  • Lafayette Christian School
  • Rock Springs Christian Academy
  • Sherwood Christian Academy

2AA- Nov. 2: Gordon State College

  • Community Christian School
  • Creekside Christian Academy
  • Johnson Ferry Christian Academy
  • Scholars Guild Academy




Class A: Vidalia Heritage Academy - Dark Road

Class AA: Sherwood Christian Academy - The Importance of Being Earnest


Class A: Unity Christian Academy - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Class AA: Sherwood Christian Academy - Berlin (an original play)


Class A: Vidalia Heritage Academy

Class AA: Westminster Christian Academy


Class A: Horizon Christian Academy

Class AA: Calvary Christian School


Class A: Heritage Christian Academy

Class AA: Lafayette Christian School

2018 (GICAA)

Class A: The Habersham School

Class AA: Young Americans Christian School

2017 (GICAA)

Class A: Nathanael Greene Academy

Class AA: Young Americans Christian School

2016 (GICAA)

Class A: Westminster Christian Academy

Class AA: Young Americans Christian School

2015 (GICAA)

Division I: Young Americans Christian School

Division II: Westminster Christian Academy

2014 (GICAA)

Nathanael Greene Academy


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